A Message from Bo Jackson

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A Message from Bo Jackson, Co-Chairman Promise Nutraceuticals

Over the past few years, we have seen many CBD products pop up in the marketplace. I have personally been approached by several that were seeking my endorsement. I became very interested in the possibilities, but I was concerned about what I was hearing about the industry. As I began to research this space, I learned that there was a lot of scientific data that supported the use of CBD and hemp-derived products. I also discovered that there were many CBD products in the market that were misleading and consumers were confused. I decided to put together a team of professionals that I could really trust. My team has spent countless hours researching everything we could about the industry and what was possible. One of our primary concerns was ensuring the removal of THC during the refinement process. We also wanted to take an active role in educating the consumer.

After two years of Research and Development, Promise Nutraceuticals, is proud to introduce our line of CBD products. Our CBD is safe, effective and THC free.

We look forward to getting your welcomed feedback and continuing to introduce new beneficial products to our Hero Brand pipeline.


Bo Jackson, Co-Chairman

Promise Nutraceuticals LLC


Our method of THC remediation allows us to produce THC-free solutions while retaining several minor cannabinoids, making these products safe and effective for all consumers.

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