Our Story

Committed to transparency &
excellence in Cannabinoid science.

The Hero Brand

The Hero Brand provides traceability from seed to shelf and full panel third party tests with every batch. Our partnership with Laurelcrest has provided us access to customized blends and single origin THC remediated oils (non-detectable THC) that preserve the majority of naturally occurring molecules in the plant. We have developed a high potency hydrophilic tincture to increase absorption and efficacy of CBD and other cannabinoids in the body. Our products are backed by 30+ years of scientific study and use in a variety of drug delivery systems. We can provide published peer reviewed studies to back up our claims.

The Promise Team

The team that comprised Promise Nutraceuticals makes us leaders in the ongoing advancement in cannabinoid science- we are committed to bring only the best-most effective products to market for everyday use providing a higher quality of life for the everyday Hero.

Our Products

Our method of THC remediation allows us to produce THC-free solutions while retaining several minor cannabinoids, making these products safe and effective for all consumers.
THC-Free CBD Oil