I have suffered with chronic neck pain and headaches for the past several years. Recently, I was in a fit of pain lasting 10+ days. Nothing was working; stretching, OTC meds, and even rest. I was still waking in the AM with nagging neck pain and a headache. My husband had this “CBD Oil” — Topical Oil — on his bathroom counter. I was desperate!! Before bed, I rolled in on my neck (side, back) and both temples and went to bed.

I awoke the follow morning – NO HEADACHE and the severe neck pain had abated!!! I almost cried I was so elated. I now call it “My Magic Oil!”



As a neuromuscular therapist for over 14 years, I frequently have clients inquire about CBD oil. Using the Broad-Spectrum CBD, clients have been amazed at how quickly they feel the difference in a very short period of time on issues including low back pain, fibromyalgia, muscular injuries, IT band issues, and more. Great product!

Laura T.

I am 8 months post Rotator Cuff surgery and also a Physical Therapist. My rehab generally went well. My last goal is to regain normal strength as I am still lifting only 2lbs overhead. I recently used Promise Drops CBD and saw an immediate difference in decreasing the restrictions in involved muscle groups.  These restrictions in the muscles and fascia were restricting movement and therefore limiting my strength gains. As I am moving freer my strength is improving. Topical oil also provides immediate relief to pain if I have overdone my exercises. Another discovery I had with Topical oil is I had a bee sting on the bottom of my foot that was painful and very itchy. I applied Topical oil and got immediate relief from my symptoms. My experience with Topical oil is it is truly amazing and would highly recommend its use for pain relief, improving circulation and healing.

Tracey, PT

I was provided a sample of the product by Danny H. to address muscle soreness and tightness due to lifting and computer work activity. Main point of contention was extreme tightness and pain in the upper trap area from repetitive activity. I have used the product numerous times over the past several weeks and the results are immediate. The pain reduction would be evident in less than 60 seconds and the overall relaxation of the area is very noticeable. Highly recommend the product to anyone dealing with muscle tightness and pain.

Bryan L.

I used the roll on broad spectrum topical oil for some menstrual cramps I was having in my lower back that shot to the front of my lower abdomen. I applied the roller to the areas that were bothering me and within 5 minutes I felt instant relief! I will definitely continue to use this product for this type of issue instead of Tylenol or ibuprofen, as it is a clean and holistic alternative.


The CBD OIL IS VERY effective. I have leg pain & I use it at bedtime & helps with the pain. The water soluble I use a drop in my coffee every morning. The website is easy to navigate and quick shipping.


I have had arthritis in my hands for years. Flexibility has been a problem. Promise Drops has given me relief from my discomfort.

Jim B.

I was given Promise Drops CBD for trial. I have been suffering from a sore back for over six months. The Roll-on applicator is easy to apply, and it makes it easy to zero in on specific painful areas. Well, I must say that I felt immediate relief in my lower back. This is truly a great product! Thanks Promise Drops!

Bob E.

Getting close to the big 60 I’ve been determined to start doing things again I enjoy but put off for whatever reasons. Two items on my todo again list are waterskiing and racquetball. Both are fun but have typically been too painful. Especially in my lower back and shoulders. I had been looking for something to help manage the pain so I could get back out there. An ex-pro athlete friend of mine suggested CBD. I tried some oil and gummies from one of the local CBD places but really couldn’t tell anything. I told him about my experience and he said I needed to go get me the “good stuff”. He turned me on to two products he uses that was much more potent and geared for athletes. I’ve been rubbing the CBD oil on my problem areas and taking the liquid once a day for about two months and noticed a big difference.Lately I’ve been playing racquetball on Wed & Saturday’s and doing water sports at least once a week, if not twice with little to no pain. Maybe it’s mental, I don’t know, but it’s working for me. CBD does work but quality and potency makes a big difference. If you got aches and pain, I highly suggest trying some of the “good stuff”.

Scott F.

Just received this product and it has immediately made a difference in my life. Couldn’t recommend it more! I’ll definitely be buying another bottle once I run out.

Kevin F.

I have had inflammation in my left ankle for years. Your Topical oil has given me comfort back.

Catherine M.

Promise Drops products are amazing! My wife and I have both been thoroughly impressed with the results that we have experienced. Thank you Promise Drops!

Jon & Lori

I’ve been using Promise Drops CBD for my hip pain. Easy to use, cool application. 10/10 recommend.


Even my dog loves it! If you tend to suffer with any form of anxiety, Promise Drops CBD is for you. I’ve tried several CBD brands over the years with little to zero results. I truly believe in the water-soluble variation; definitely makes a difference. It worked wonders on my dog too!! He gets hip pain and will limp pretty bad making it hard for him to walk well. This brand worked fast, and he’s back to having more pep in his step.

Jayson A.

I’m impressed! I recently started back doing heavy leg workouts at the gym and I was so sore, it hurt every time I sat down and got up from a sitting or laying position. The Promise Drops CBD oil really helped. I will definitely be using this prophylactically and will recommend for anyone suffering an acute tissue injury.


I’ve been using the drops for one week. I have a high stress career running a company. I can see a marked difference in my stress level when I take my daily dose. I’ve also noticed significant relief from joint pain in my shoulder and knee. As well as muscle relaxation in my neck from staring a a computer screen all day. I will definitely be buying more.

Paul H.

I’ve been using the drops for one week. I have a high stress career running a company. I can see a marked difference in my stress level when I take my daily dose. I’ve also noticed significant relief from joint pain in my shoulder and knee. As well as muscle relaxation in my neck from staring a a computer screen all day. I will definitely be buying more.

Paul H.

I really like the water soluble CBD. When I put it into my beverages it does not change the flavor profile. The water-soluble gets right into my bloodstream unlike oil based CBD. I believe this will help my immune system, sleep, anxiety, and overall health. I would recommend Promise Drops to you and my friends.


I injured my right shoulder playing adult softball. I was having difficulty sleeping, resting, finding comfortable positions, reaching, and lifting. I was takin Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours with minimal relief. Promise Drops was recommended for me to try so I did. After 2 applications I was able to finally get comfortable in bed and get some sleep. I was able to get dressed and complete every day activities with much less discomfort. I used this product until I had surgery for rotator cuff repair. Now I am in physical therapy and using the product again — it has been a lifesaver!

I thoroughly endorse this product.

Casey F.

This product is great! It helps ease the chronic pains in my hands!


I have been living with lower back pain for many years. I have tried many cream based products that have been messy and with unpleasant odors. Your topical oil goes on clean and has a pleasant aroma. I experienced relief after a few applications. The rollerball lends itself to ease of application.

Ginger L.

Sleeping has been a constant issue for me for years. I have tried many products with no success. I have been using one dropper full each night in a glass of tea an hour before I retire. After two weeks of use I am experiencing a better sleep regime.

Steve J.

I had a bad knee injury. I was limping for 2 days. After 3 applications of Promise Drops CBD in 1 day the pain disappeared and I could walk again. Now I’m about 95 % back to normal. Thank you!


I got the extra strength topical oil in hopes that it would give me some pain relief in my back. I have tried numerous products and most were very disappointing to say the least. I was expecting a little relief from the start and hoped extended use would help. I got instant relief from the start. This stuff is the real deal!! Love it and will keep it on hand indefinitely.


I work out heavy a lot and after pinching my sciatic nerve occasionally have serious lower back pains. Once I started using your roll on ointment for pain reliever it has been like a miracle. The pain goes always in less then 30 min and lets me continue my workouts with no pain.

Luke S.

I’ve tried many product’s over the years with little or no success for my lower back pain. Promise Drops CBD oil has given me sustained relief and I am now able to enjoy working in my garden again. Thank You!

Donna B.

I was having life issues with chronic pain, difficulty exercising and moving freely without joint stiffness and inflammation. My use of your topical oil eased my discomfort and allowed me to extend the durations of my activities.

Jocelyn D.

I have been using Promise Drops CBD for a little over 1 week. I take it before I go to bed. I have seen an amazing difference in how I sleep. I am sleeping sounder and not waking up as much during the night. I wake up with no drowsy feeling in the morning and ready to conquer my day. This is a great product.

Rob B.

These products are great and impressive from the moment you see the package arrive. The design says “we are serious” and ” this stuff is backed up with science and deep R&D”. I like the way the topical creates a feeling of warmth as my knee ache and back ache disappear! The water soluble product has improved my sleep dramatically. Thanks for making a great product.

Tim W.

I have been using your Broad Spectrum CBD Extra Strength Topical Oil on my knee for about a week now. I can not thank you enough. I am in my seventies and my family traveled down from up north to visit. Without your product I would not have been able to spend as much time with them. Knee pain causes me to stay in the car, or not even go sightseeing. I am looking forward to continuing to use your products and see what I have been missing. Thank you.

Ramona C.

This product has been incredible for joint and muscle pain! I have scoliosis that causes severe rib, low back and hip pain that I have dealt with for years. A few drops of this oil and within minutes, the pain is gone. I love using it at night right before bed. I put a small amount on the area and I get a full, restful night of sleep without stabbing pain! It’s truly incredible how fast it works and how long it lasts! Thanks for a great product.

Staci C.

As a patient struggling with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, aches and pains are an everyday occurrence. In the last two years, I’ve endured a complicated shoulder surgery without perfect results and back pain due to a buling disc. Your topical oil has been a lifesaver and a gamechanger. I’m not one to take any pain medicine and prefer a natural approach to care. Thank you for creating a product that has brought much needed relief to me and allow me to function.

Leslie S.