Hero Brand Broad Spectrum Water Soluble Compare to 2400 mg CBD


Hero Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD utilizes the power of proprietary and patented SEDDS (self-emulsifying drug delivery system) to enhance the product. Our unique water-soluble formulation allows the body to absorb CBD at approximately 4X the rate of other forms of oil-based CBD (600mg compares to 2400mg), increasing speed and effectiveness. One dropper contains approximately 20mg of CBD. Our flavorless formulation mixes easily into beverages, food and personal care products. Shake Well prior to dispensing product. Store in a cool dark location, or in the refrigerator.


Rapid Uptake + More Absorption

The patented delivery system has been diligently studied with published pharmacokinetic study available here.

Versatile Formula

This water soluble formula has had the natural bitterness of CBD masked allowing for use directing in ones mouth as a tincture or as an easy addition to your favorite beverages!

Easy Dosing

The marked dropper allows for easy control of dose 1 dropper (1mL) contains approximately 20mg CBD; use the measured marks on the dropper tube to customize your dose.

Non-Detectable THC

The hemp extract in Hero Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD has been specifically processed to remove THC without diminishing other cannabinoids and is third party tested to ensure it contains undetectable amounts of THC.


Take a dropper full (1ml) daily for 20mg of CBD. Shake Well prior to dispensing product. Store in a cool dark location, or in the refrigerator

6 reviews for Hero Brand Broad Spectrum Water Soluble Compare to 2400 mg CBD

  1. Dolores

    I use a drop in my coffee every morning. The website is easy to navigate and quick shipping.

  2. Steve J.

    Sleeping has been a constant issue for me for years. I have tried many products with no success. I have been using one dropper full each night in a glass of tea an hour before I retire. After two weeks of use I am experiencing a better sleep regime.

  3. Courtney

    I really like the water soluble CBD. When I put it into my beverages it does not change the flavor profile. The water-soluble gets right into my bloodstream unlike oil based CBD. I believe this will help my immune system, sleep, anxiety, and overall health. I would recommend Hero Brand to you and my friends.

  4. Rob B.

    I have been using the Hero Brand Water Soluble for a little over 1 week. I take it before I go to bed. I have seen an amazing difference in how I sleep. I am sleeping sounder and not waking up as much during the night. I wake up with no drowsy feeling in the morning and ready to conquer my day. This is a great product.

  5. Jayson A.

    Even my dog loves it! If you tend to suffer with any form of anxiety, Hero Brand Broad Spectrum Water Soluble CBD is for you. I’ve tried several CBD brands over the years with little to zero results. I truly believe in the water-soluble variation; definitely makes a difference. It worked wonders on my dog too!! He gets hip pain and will limp pretty bad making it hard for him to walk well. This brand worked fast, and he’s back to having more pep in his step.

  6. Rose Shelton

    I just started it..gave 5 Stars because My Doctor know Bo personally!! Lol I’m trusting in him that is The Best CBD out there! Love the fact it is water based!! Will write more after a couple of weeks or so..Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan!!!

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