What Sets Promise Nutraceuticals Apart in the CBD Industry

When considering adding CBD to your health routine, it is important to understand what to look for so you can find products that are the right fit for you. Plagued by aches and pains? Looking to boost your immune system? Trying to find a daily supplement to increase your everyday wellbeing? Have trouble managing stress or falling asleep at night? Need something other than caffeine to provide a boost of energy? CBD offers a wide variety of benefits, and best of all, it’s all-natural and can be formulated to suit a variety of specific needs. 

As you begin researching or shopping for CBD products, it is important to remember, not all CBD is created equal.  Let’s jump in and help you discover our premium CBD products and what sets us apart from the competition.

CBD Content

One of the first things to consider when buying CBD oil, CBD gummies, or other CBD products, is to be aware of the CBD content in each product. Responsible manufacturers will provide clear labeling on the product to help you understand what is in each bottle, along with a COA. When considering the price of CBD products, CBD content is also an important differentiator.  Most low-cost CBD options that can be found almost anywhere today will also contain very low amounts of CBD. These products may also be cut with hemp oil and other cheap fillers that will not provide adequate benefits that you may be seeking. 

Every bottle of our CBD Trauma Oil contains 6000mg of pure, broad-spectrum CBD, while our water-soluble CBD tincture contains 600mg of the same, and has the benefit of our patented SEDDS (self-emulsifying drug delivery system) to assist with absorption and utilization. By utilizing Vesisorb technology, our water-soluble CBD has a 4x better absorption rate, giving it the same effect as a product with 2400mg of CBD.

CBD Purity

Every Promise Drops CBD product is made from 100% USA-grown hemp, sourced from sustainable farming in Oregon. Our products are also guaranteed to be THC-free and vegan friendly. We never cut our product with fillers like hemp oil, so you can rest assured you’re always getting the purest CBD oil possible, with the most value per milliliter versus the competition. 


Our flagship products are designed to help our customers get the most out of their CBD supplements. Our CBD Trauma Oil is built with highly-reviewed roller-ball technology, making application simple and helps deliver the right amount of product to the right places. Every bottle of Trauma Oil is designed to last 1 month with generous application, but may last up to 6 months or more (depending on frequency of use), and can be used by the whole family. As mentioned previously, our water-soluble CBD tincture is designed with our proprietary delivery system, helping our customers achieve better absorption and utilization of the CBD. 

Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum

Promise Nutraceuticals uses broad-spectrum CBD in all of our products. Our formulation allows us to provide the highest quality CBD and allows us to include all the best properties the hemp plant can provide.  If you want to learn more about the differences between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum, be sure to see our full article here: Broad Spectrum CBD vs. Full Spectrum CBD


Finally, we understand that CBD comes with a lot of questions. For this reason, we do our best to educate our customers about the benefits of using CBD oil as part of their daily routine. Whether for pain, sleep, anxiety or something else, CBD is an all-natural way to help your body feel better.

Hopefully you can look to this information when deciding if Promise Nutraceuticals products are right for you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us at info@promisedrops.com.

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